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Newspaper article December 2020/ふれいざーの記事


I wanted to add a little more to our great imagination I've mentioned in the last article about anxiety. Let's talk about how we are all using our amazing imagination in our everyday lives.

We all have prejudice and bias. Do you realize this is created by our imagination as well? This isn't based on the fact/reality right in front of you but this is you reflecting the knowledge from other people or outer resource, or your previous experience.

Let me give you an example. You just ran into this friend who's given you snarky comments more than once before. "Looks like this jacket isn't the usual colour you would wear." You think to yourself, "She must be telling me I look awful in this jacket." Since you've already created this "snarky, inconsiderate" friend in your head from your past experience added by your great imagination, everything she says now sounds snarky. You're even making up what she thinks about you that she hasn't even said. But it's possible that she thought it was unusual and looked good on you. Or it's also possible that she was just stating the fact that this jacket isn't the usual colour you wear. What if your boyfriend gave you exactly the same comment? Wouldn't you feel overjoyed that he noticed the subtle difference in your outfit? Wouldn't you think he's paying so much attention to you? This just means that you're fully utilizing your great imagining ability.

Expectation comes from imagination as well. The trip you've been looking forward to. You've had so much expectation, imagining so many great things happening in that trip. Maybe your trip could be greater than you expected, or could be not as great as you imagined. It's harmless to imagine as long as it doesn't make your fear and anxiety bigger. But your imagination could get in the way of having wonderful relationships with others. During the interaction with people, it is very important to receive their comments without your own interpretation and belief. And to speak the fact or what you want to say clearly with consideration and respect. Again, without interpretation and belief.

"You guys must have been talking bad about me behind my back."

"I saw you guys talking to each other behind that desk."

The first comment is interpreted by you with some kind of belief. You are stating only the fact in the second comment. As I said earlier, it is important not to interpret or add anything from your belief. This goes the same for listening to others as well as speaking for yourself. When you imagine something bad or fearful, the fearful or anxious emotion comes up. But when you imagine something peaceful and joyful, the exact same emotion comes up in you. This just proves that you can create all your thoughts and the emotions that follow. All by your imagining power.

You can spend one day observing your thoughts to see how much imagination you're adding to it. When you get unsettling or uncomfortable feelings, don't deny or ignore it but put your attention to it. And find out from there, what makes you feel better. Knowing what you don't want clarifies what you want. So start focusing on what you want. I hope you realize what a great power you possess within and start using it in your favour.

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