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Newspaper article October/ふれいざーの記事



I've been fortunate enough to write articles on one of the local Japanese newspapers.

The title for October article was "Release from trauma".

One of my close friends told me about one way to release the force that trauma has within your body. I hope you enjoy it!

Trauma is a long-lasting negative effect that had to do with either physical or psychological impact by an external source at one point in your life. Humans can keep that experience alive in their mind. When experience gives you some great emotion that you've never had, our limbic brain produces a neuropeptide transmitter called neuropeptide y. They are molecules of emotion. And when we experience anything similar to what this traumatic experience was with our five senses, this becomes the trigger to bring back the traumatic emotions along with the scenes.

Trauma is what keeps you trapped with scenes and emotions of the negative experience. This is not something you do intentionally. You don't need to think why this has happened to you nor you ever have to blame yourself for what happened to you. Please don't decide you have no future because of this trauma, either. The power to overcome this is within you. You are the only one with this power to overcome your trauma, no one else. The first step is to reduce the emotions that come with this experience/trauma. There is something called "grounding" that can help you move to the first step. Let me introduce it here.

There are many different ways of grounding. What I would like to introduce here is a way to bring each of our body parts back into "the now". Find a place where you can sit comfortably. your feet should be also comfortably on the floor. Close your eyes and start bringing your awareness into your feet, feeling the floor or the ground. Slowly, move your awareness/focus to your legs, your hip, your torso, arms, neck, face and such. If you seem to get distracted, try explaining what you are doing, like "I'm bringing my focus into my legs now." When you are finished with focusing each of your body parts, tell yourself this and repeat it in your mind :

"I'm here now. My current self is in this safe space and time."

This usually brings you back into "the now" when you are re-experiencing "the trauma" with the scenes in your head and emotions in your mind. If you are not able to bring yourself back from this past, you will simply try the grounding again without blaming yourself. If you succeed with this, you will realize the time you had to spend with the traumatic scenes and traumatic emotions has shortened than before. You have succeeded because of your own power, the power to release yourself from the experience that became the cause of trauma. It probably is impossible to release that trauma in a second right at this moment. That's completely normal and it is totally O.K. There is no need to push yourself at all. Please remember, for you to even have a thought about starting something to release the trauma, you had a really big step towards your journey to let go of what's holding you back.

For those who are experiencing trauma at this moment. I understand any trauma is

a very tough experience. The day you are able to release your trauma is the day you are able to really live as your true self and shine with all your talents and abilities you came to this world with. I hope, though, that you will always have hope. Hope to live each and every day, knowing that you are here because you are so precious and are very much needed in this world.

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