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Start of this blog/サイトを始めるにあたって

Very nice meeting you! Thank you for visiting. This blog is to share my thoughts and whatever I found out about our minds. Hope you'll enjoy them!


Please note that most of the content is my own take on how the mind works. You might agree or might not agree. But I hope you'll enjoy reading them!


One of my friends told me my website content is looking very serious. Very valuable advice! While everything I wrote is exactly what I want to send out as messages, I do feel that it does not reflect my personality all that well. I probably won't be posting anything in Osaka dialect, (well, maybe a few might be ok... lol), but I'm hoping to show my colour more on this blog.

友人に私のサイトが硬い!とアドバイスをいただきました 笑。(貴重なアドバイス、ありがとう:)メッセージは全てもちろん私がみなさんにお伝えしたいことですが、確かに私の性格はそこまで反映されてはないかと思います。大阪弁で記事は書かないかなと思いますが、(いや、少しはいいのかな...)こちらのブログで私の色を出していければ、と思っています。

The point I want to make here is that we're all equal, as in we're all here for a reason and one's existence is as valuable as everyone else. We are supposed to be utilizing all of our unique talents, abilities and everything you've learned in your life for our life mission. I hope all of us can remember this truth, the truth we knew when we came to this world and move forward in your own path.

私達の存在価値は一人一人平等に大事なもので、私達はそれぞれここにいる理由があります。 この世界で平等に価値がありながら独特の、自分だけの能力、才能、人生で学んだ教訓や知識を使い人生の使命を全うしていくのです。この世界に誕生していた時には覚えていたこの真実をみなさんがもう一度思い出して自分だけの旅の道を進んでいかれますように。


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