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About myself

Chifuyu Casaclang

I'm here to support you in block release, self acceptance and self development.  Many people don't believe it when they are told how powerful and wonderful they are.  This is only because they hold the false, limiting, harmful beliefs called mental blocks. Wherever these negative beliefs come from, these are far from the truth. Yes, we're all humans but we're all different. We're each unique and no one is ever the same. In that, you have your own unique life mission using your unique combination of talents and abilities. You are one of a kind!  

My hope is to help release and/or transform all these blocks that prevent you from becoming who you truly are. Self-acceptance can come before or after the block release but it is one of the most important realizations of all. Knowing how brilliant and how great you are gives you so much love and confidence in yourself. Once you fully accept your potential and great power, you will be ready for self-development and your life journey!

Sunset in the Woods
Light in the Sky

I'm a counsellor, supporter, a remover of blocks, your mirror and your reminder

I'm a counsellor.
I provide a safe place for you to help yourself open up, accept and heal. 

I'm a supporter. 
In whatever you are doing, whether going through some tough times, getting yourself back up or re-learning your great self, I'm here to support you in any way I can. 


I'm a remover of blocks.
Whatever the mental blocks you have that prevent you from being your true self, I'm here to help you see and remove them yourself. 


I'm your mirror.
I help you see your true self. Your beautiful, powerful, wonderful self. I help you show all the false "you" that are made by people around you or the experiences you had. 


I'm your reminder.

I remind you how perfect you are. How perfect you are to be yourself. No one can do this job to be you better than yourself.  You have everything, all the great talents, abilities and characters to be you.  You are to remember that you are "one and only", so special, so valuable and so needed for this world, just like everyone else who is here in this world right now.   

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