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False beliefs, thoughts, or habits that are damaging or making you feel less worthy. These are the blocks. Wherever these beliefs come from, these are far from the truth and you don't need them. We are all the same human beings and we're all connected when you go back to thousands of years. But we're each unique and no one is ever the same. Self-acceptance can come before or after the block release but it is one of the most important realizations of all.  Knowing how brilliant and how great you are gives you so much love and confidence to yourself. Once you fully accept your potential and amazing power, you will be ready for self-development and your great future making journey!


You can bring whatever the stress that's currently in your life to a counselling session behind the closed doors. Anxiety, depression, loss and grief and self development are some examples. Counsellors are here to listen, and support you in finding your path. All the answers lie within you and I'm here to help you find them yourself.  


Family Counselling

You might think the stress you're experiencing now is only your problem and yours alone. But at times, it's intricately intertwined within the family relationship. Everyone in your family can be thinking about the same issue but feeling and acting completely differently around it. In family counselling, counsellors are here to listen, create a safe space for you to open up to each other and help each family member clearly communicate with one another.


Group Therapy

Group counselling can help you meet people who are in a similar situation or stress. It can also give you some relief knowing you're not alone. Talking about your stress and pain in front of people sometimes lets you be more open and feel empowered. Please contact us first regarding group counselling session schedule. 


* Please note, due to Covid-19 situation, group counselling sessions
​   are not offered at this time.