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For those who've given me testimonials:

I am so grateful that you came into my life.


Marina T, Maggie C, R.N., M.T., Maryam, S.K., M.G., C.J., Nancy, S.T., S.G. Ayaka Yagi

I can best describe myself as someone who have been on a journey of recovery all my life. Always striving to overcome childhood trauma and many other “things” that showed up in my life.

I’ve had many different sessions to help heal the layers upon layers of hurts and then Chifuyu was sent across my path.

Chifuyu has a tremendous gift and could see my blockage immediately and she gently guided me to unlock my own door in the most profound and life changing way.

One of my biggest issues were my relationship with food. My words were that I felt trapped, unable to say no, when it was in front of me, I could not stop eating. I could not stop myself, I had no control over my impulse, and then afterwards, I felt guilty beyond believe and even a self-loathing.

I have lost weight successfully all my life and the moment I reached my goal weight, I would gain it right back.

The person who have hurt me the most in my life, is my father. Among other things, he is an adulterer and sex addict. Even in his old age, there is not an end to his appetite for anything sexual.


During our session, Chifuyu saw that forgiving him will unlock the door to my own healing.

Now, I have forgiven him on so many levels and 70 x 7 times, to refer to the Biblical guidelines, does not even come close to how many times I did. In many ways, in person, in writing, in my own inner work, over and over again.

But Chifuyu guided me to find the light in him and I did. I could reconcile myself with that part of him and then I could see his own daily trepidation. I could see how my feelings of feeling trapped around food, not able to control my impulses and the guilt and self-loathing afterwards, were exactly what the inner dialogue is my father is dealing with around sex.


The light went on! After intense healing and love, I suddenly had a shift in impulses around food. They do not interest me anymore. Just as much as cheating on my husband will never interest me, because I am so in love with him.

I am so in love with me, that cheating on myself is not something I can be bothered by. It does not appeal to me and it is not even interesting to me.


I cannot praise Chifuyu and her gifts enough and highly recommend her!


Marina T

There are people who show up in your life just at the right time and this is how it was with Chifuyu.  At a time when I found myself stuck and unable to move my business forward, Chifuyu instilled in me a new confidence in my abilities and a whole new set of beliefs that those abilities were not only required but needed for me to support others.  My issue was perfectionism.  It is a condition where enough is never good enough and a condition that can greatly slow a person down.

Chifuyu was understanding and compassionate of my situation and she was able to show me that I had formed some beliefs in my childhood that served me then but are not serving me today.  She showed me how to let go and release those old unhelpful beliefs and to create new, more positive ones.  At the end of the session, I felt that I had been heard and understood.  I felt free and exhilarated. 

She provided me with a personalized recording that I listened to for 21 days.  When listening, I felt an immediate connection with Chifuyu.  It was as if she was right there with me every step of the way.  She has a beautiful gift of seeing you for who you really are, the true you, the unique you and the person you are meant to be.  Her soft, gentle, guiding voice shows you the way through the issue and out the other end of it.

My hypnotherapy session with Chifuyu was remarkable and truly transformative.  She is a caring therapist with a warm, kind heart.  I hope that Chifuyu, with her many healing gifts will show up in your life soon.  Thank you for your amazing support Chifuyu.


Maggie C


















I am so lucky to have met Chifuyu. I have had 2 different sessions with her so far and both were so profound.

She understood me fully and completely and I knew I was in good hands from the start. She helped me to look back at the root of my issues and resolve them.


My problem was so deep and I felt like no one can help me, and during the session my mind just couldn’t let go, but she guided me through it so profoundly and patiently and finally I could let go and I felt a huge weight of my shoulders and I was finally relieved after so long.

I felt so liberated and transformed. Her voice is so calming and relaxing. She is so unique and so gifted and a person who you don’t meet too often in your lifetime. She has so much wisdom. So grateful for her and I highly recommend her because she is just amazing and exactly what you need.



Chifuyu is such a powerful healer.  Her voice is supportive and compassionate.  She gives you nourishment for the psyche and soul.  I am grateful for her gift and sharing her beautiful self with the world guiding the wounded back to the light!














During a time that was extremely challenging for me, Chifuyu was able to use her keen intuitive senses and gifts to aid me in seeing and understanding all that was going on for me at a deep soul level. Hidden under the surface,


I was unable to see these things on my own. With her intuitive insight I was able to finally face, address and heal the limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for so long. I left each session feeling like a whole new person ready to tackle anything and everything life had to offer.


I had a Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Chifuyu, and the main word that comes to mind is AMAZING.  That session was fantastic and she was wonderful in her way of leading it.  She lead it smoothly, professionally, and confidently.  She is full of knowledge and experience, but also has very clear intuition. 


By following her lead, I was able to access and then release so much that I wasn’t even aware needed to go, but was glad to bring it out and replace it with a transformation. It was a case of what needs to go, goes, and what needs to come, comes.

I can’t say enough about Chifuyu’s skill and talent.  She blessed me with a beautiful metamorphosis and and the evolution from that will be long lasting. The hypnotherapy session was enlightening, and then the audio she made me to play every day is validating too. Her voice on the audio is affirming and a pleasure to listen to and I look forward to each day settling in and hearing all the positivity flow.
I highly recommend her, wanting others to be as blessed as I was.



















Chifuyu is very gifted! Not only with kindness did she guide and encourage me to look beyond my blocks.

She helped me create a vision of who I am as a soul.

Thanks to her I now use those visions of myself to envision a better life for my future and to live more at ease in the now.

I highly recommend her to anyone like me that wants to experience her gift.








​Yagi Ayaka様

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