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Guided meditation

I offer a customized guided meditation recording. There are lots of explanations but my understanding of meditation is basically being calm and either observe your thoughts or even emptying all the thoughts from your head. And being in the present. My guided meditation has two important purposes. One is to calm your mind, and the other is to rewire new beliefs/thoughts.

It is said to take about 21days to change a pattern in your subconscious mind. Mind is all about repetition. This is why guided meditations can help when you listen to it everyday. It's very similar to affirmations.

So this is why I make guided meditation for people to listen to it while meditating, being open to suggestions without any analytical part of your mind. You can let the words sink into your subconscious mind where they have unnoticed patterns of thoughts and learned habitual thoughts. When it's customized and personalized, it usually speaks to you a lot better than generalized ones.

If you have not meditated before, you can start with 5 minutes closing your eyes focusing on breathing. Or some constant sound that you can focus on. There are many guided meditations or music on Youtube as well. If you're not the type to sit down for certain amount of time, you can go for a walk, do yoga, any activities that you can focus your mind on. This is a good practice to spend time with yourself and look within. I hope you'll enjoy it. Please contact me if you are interested in getting your guided meditation. : )

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