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How to face your reality

2 months ago in June, I held an online seminar with the theme of "how to face your reality". What does this mean? "Reality" is either a situation or state of things that we can sense with our five senses. It is also a situation or state of things that are in line with the facts, common sense, and majority of people agree or confirm that it exists or they experienced. Let's say you saw UFO. With the facts, experienced past and some common knowledge, this might not get acknowledged as "reality" a lot of times. Your friends might tell you that it was a dream, misunderstanding etc. But if several people witnessed UFO alongside of you, since this was experienced with everyone's five senses and agreed and confirmed by these several people, this is acknowledged now as "reality". But even if people seemingly experience the same reality, it is indeed a different experience for everyone. Why? Because we each differ in where we focus, how we interpret and what emotions we create by the experience.

Let me give you an example. A boy and his younger sister are watching their mom talking to her friend. If we're seeing this scene, we'd say these two kids are having the exact same experience. But the boy is actually looking at the truck at a construction site behind these two moms. The girl, though, is completely mesmerized by the earrings mom's friend is wearing. They were both excited about what they saw, but they would tell you the two completely different experiences.

Let's take this a bit further. How, then, do we see the reality we want? We need to become aware where we put our attention to in your reality first. Where do you pay attention to in yourself? How you are not so good with your job, how you are not perfect at speaking English, how you can't prioritize tasks properly, or How you are indecisive etc. Do you always pay attention to where you don't like about yourself or the situation? Humans have a brilliant computer called "subconscious mind". You tell it what to do, it exactly does what you want it to do. It never judges if it's good for you or not. If you tell it to pay attention to what you don't like about yourself several times, it'll program it and start to do it automatically. If you start to focus on what you like about yourself, it will also get your order and start to shift the focus on what you like about yourself. How you are amazing at cooking, how you are kind, or how your warm smile makes everyone feel at ease etc. Now, when you do this, doesn't it let you start to see how wonderful you actually are? Same as reality you see. If you always see unfortunate news, you feel horrible. When you watch the news that warms your heart, you feel good. If you keep telling yourself how you're an idiot every time someone corrects your mistake, you feel hurt and feel useless, but when you thank the person for showing your mistake and feel grateful that you've learned another valuable lesson, you feel good at improving yourself and moving forward in bettering yourself.

So how about you put yourself first and treat yourself as well as you would treat others? you put your focus on yourself. You are here because you're needed for this world, just like everyone else. Never blame yourself, never put yourself down, never attack yourself with negative words. Put your attention to what you like about yourself. Think of this life as time for you to have fun and learn. That's it. Everyone's needed. Everyone's unique. Everyone is one of a kind. You exist with the exact same value as everyone else. Consider people around you with only two types, as either a type of person who gives you love and support, or a type of person who teaches you a lesson. And focus on people's lovely side.

Everyone has past, wound, habits, bias and false beliefs etc. Even if there's someone who's not likeable, he also came into this world with his own talents and abilities. And he believed he was loveable, he was kind, he was fun and capable when he was born. Everyone's here to have fun and learn. We're all students of life. So put your attention to something you want to see. Put your attention to what you have. Put your attention to whatever makes you feel good. Not what you don't like, what you hate, or what's horrible. Once you practice this several times, your subconscious mind gets programmed and you'll start to always see the good side of everything.

I just held another seminar with the theme of "relationships". I will write on the blog soon. Thank you for reading!

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